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Controller Product Line
New Manuals Wizard Controllers Sound Products KITS - Projects Book Updates
New References DMX Products Video Products Software Updates RF Products
Control Boards-General Puppet Controllers      
  How To Use Relays      
Wizard-1 Manual Wizard-2 Manual Wizard-3 Manual Wizard-4 Manual Wizard-5 Manual
Wizard-6 Manual Wizard-7 Manual Wizard-8 Manual Wizard-9 Manual Wizard-10 Manual
Wizard-11 Manual Wizard-12 Manual Wizard-13 Manual Wizard-14 Manual Wizard-15 Manual
Puppet-1 Manual Puppet-2 Manual Puppet 3 Manual Solenoid Driver Servo to Analog Board
Servo Checker R/C Video Switch Animate Board EEprom Copy Board Joystick Servo Controller
Single Ch Relay- A 1-Ch Servo Controller Animatronic ALEX-1 Wiz-2 Multiple Boards Digital Potentiometer
Single Ch Relay- B Wiz-3 Application Animatronic ALEX-2 Wiz-2 to MP3 Board  
      Wiz-1 to MP3 Board  
     Wizard-12 Manual

Using Switches with Wiz-12
Using Flex Sensor with Wiz-12
Sound Product Line
MP3 Player Manual Sound - Solenoid Driver  Mini MP3 Player  DMX - MP3 Control  Mini MP3 Switch Setup
AutoTalk Manual 
AutoTalk Info
75 Watt Amplifier        

Sound Board - 60 VEGAS Manual
Sound Board - 60 VEGAS Quick Start

MP3 Switch & Relay Board Manual

Sound Board Pro Manual        
Pan & Tilt Document
Pan & Tilt Instructions
Pan & Tilt Demo Software 

DMX Product Line
DMX - Product Catalog
DMX Applications Protocol Converter Receiver Module 8-Ch Relay Module 1-CH Relay Module
8-CH SolidState Relay 512- Transmitter Network Checker Motor Driver Board 1-CH R/C Servo Driver
8-Ch R/C Servo Driver PWM/Stepper Motor 4-CH Volt Converter 4-CH Video Switch 4-CH LED/PWM Drive
MP3 Controller Pro Network Checker DMX 2-Ch Relay Board Audio Potentiometer LED-9 Driver Board
DMX Mini Show POD Interface Module DMX Software - VSA DMX - Sequencer DMX - MP3 Control
BOC- Setup Document DMX 4-Ch Relay Board DMX Hybrid Audio Setup Dual Stepper Motor  
RAPU 8-Ch Switch Board DMX - Analyzer Example DMX Relay Setup DMX to SS Relay Hookup  
  DMX - Encoder Example DMX Pneumatics     
Velleman-DMX Manuals
Velleman-DMX Software
VSA DEMO Software
DMX - Analog Encoder DMX- Binary Chart
DMX- Address Chart
  VMusic2 Firmware File
TEST Audio Files
DMX Handheld RF Control Example 1

DMX Handheld RF Control Example 2
DMX Handheld RF Control Example 3
DMX Handheld RF Control Example 4

DMX Merge Control Example 1
DMX Splitter Example 1
DMX Splitter Example 2
DMX Wireless Example 1
DMX Pneumatic Setup-1
DMX Pneumatic Setup-2
DMX Wireless Box Module

DMX Wireless Dongle Module
 Snubber Circuits


Time Delay Relay Board TTL 4-CH Relay Board Multi Event Timer Relay    
Time Delay Resistor Chart Latching Relay Board Digital Potentiometer Board    
TTL 1-CH Relay Board Interval Time Relay Board Linear Motor Control Board    
SW Linear Motor Controller 2-Channel Relay Board      

Basic Eye Kit Mechanical Mouth Kit      
PRO Eye Kit        
Cylops Eye Kit        
Example RF Applications
Example RF Setup
Example Puppetry Application
Example Puppetry Setup

RF Receiver & Trasmitter   RF Transmitter    
RF-4Ch Mini SS Relay Board   RFX8 Application Boards    
RF8m4T Receiver Module   RF 1-Ch Servo Driver Board    

 DMX Driver Software  DMX Module  Servo Driver Software  Pan & Tilt Software  

Animatronic Book Volume -1 Page Update (page 84) . 06/17/09 -- wrong mechanical drawing - updated to correct drawing
Animatronic Book Volume -2  
Animatronic Book Volume -3  

DMX - Setup Overview Resistor Chart A USB Drive to Mac Setup Help
Example DMX Servo Setup Resistor Chart B How to use Limit Switches / Motor
Mac & Palm SV203 Setup Super Inch AutoTalk Controller Accessories
Mac & Palm Mini SSC-II Setup Drill Guide Master Yellow / Tan -vs- Green Boards?
  Measurement Chart DMX- Address Chart
Connecting Large Power Servos   Using Relays to Control Devices DMX- Binary Chart
Servo Information Dallas Digital Potentiometer LED Resistor Calculations.
Servo Centering




  Snubber Circuit Documentation
10/13/10 4-CH Volt Converter
10/13/10 PWM/Stepper Motor
10/10/10 LED-9 Driver Board 
09/22/10 DMX 4-Ch Relay Board 
09/13/10 Wizard-1 to MP3 Playback Board Overview
02/03/10 Digital Potentiometer Board
09/11/09  DMX 8-Ch R/C Servo Driver Board
09/11/09  DMX 4- Ch Voltage Converter Board
09/04/09 Sound Activated Solenoid Driver
09/01/09 DMX 8- Channel Relay Board Manual
09/01/09 DMX- Binary Chart
09/01/09 DMX- Address Chart





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