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Wizard - I Board Technical Data & References
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Wizard - I Board

Wizard Board
Board Size: 4-1/4" L x 2-7/8"
Power Requirements: 5 Vdc - 2 Amp

Animatronic Controller Board "Wizard - I" product info.
Animatronic Controller Board "Wizard - II" product info.
Other Animatronic Products

Wizard - 1 Board Applications

Wizard Board Application

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AutoTalk Board Information
Sound Board Information

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Wizard - I, II Board Technical Data

The WIZARD - I BOARD is a small 5Vdc - 2 Amp powered interface board that will record and playback up to 5 minutes of servo motion for 1-4 standard +5 Vdc Hobby R/C type servos and control 4 digital switched ON and OFF outputs at +5 Vdc per channel.

The Wizard - I board incorporates many features such as looping playback servo motion with variable delay between loops. An auto start-up on power option and on board connector for remote activation switching such as a PIR sensor, contact switch or mat pressure pad to initiate playback.

Recording sessions are built up on a channel by channel process - no complex programming is required. During recording, all previously recorded channels are re-played to aid synchronization the current channel being programmed. Programming is easily done, with a set of push button keys and control potentiometer built onto the board. No host computer or other programming device is needed to operate the Wizard - 1 board.

The Wizard - I board is an excellent product for Animatronic applications, where ease in set-up and programming control is needed. The digital +5 Vdc outputs with the addition of optional relays make adding control of other devices such as special effects equipment, or mechanical units easy to add. Using the optional DC/AC Solid State Relay with the Wizard - I board digital outputs makes control of AC power devices such as lighting, fog machines, and other 110 VAC systems an easy set-up also.


- 4 Servo output channels, each capable of recording and playback of up to 5 minutes of action.
- 4 Digital switched ON/ OFF channels with +5 Vdc at 10 mA outputs per channel recorded action.
- On board Potentiometer to adjust servo positions during recording or to determine the time
..delay between playback loops during automatic loop play - adjustable between 5 and 65 seconds.
- On board NEXT, PLAY and RECORD push buttons
- Record enable / disable jumper block to help safe guard programmed EEPROM actions.
- AUTO-PLAY and LOOP-PLAY selection switches for configuring board functions / operation.
- Remote activation switch connection terminal.
- Programming and operation status green and red LED's
- The servo outputs provide standard pulse coded signals of between 1 msec and 2 msec duration repeated
..every 20 msecs making it suitable for all standard hobby +5 Vdc R/C type servos.
- EEPROM - containing the programmed data, can easily be removed and copied to other Wizard boards.
- On board support for other optional control boards (Relays, AC Controller, Motor Bridge, etc.).
- Can be operated by a battery, for mobile remote applications.
- Can be operated by a wall power supply ( 5 Vdc - 2 Amp needed)


The Wizard - II Board is now available - 8 digital outputs with on board relays and more.

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 Wizard - I Board at Work ......... Click Images For Large Views
Puppet & Wizard Board   Motion Platform & Wizard Board

 Talking Motion Puppet
Controlled by Wizard - I Board

  Pitch, Yaw, Roll Motion Platform
Controlled by Wizard - I Board

 Wizard - I Board at Work
Dragon wall & Wizard Board   Talking Skull & Wizard Board

Dragon Wall - Moving Eye, LED Horn and Claws Controlled by Wizard - I

  Talking skull with Jaw, Head, Eye Motion
control by Wizard - I Board

 Wizard - I Board at Work ......... Click Images For Large Views
Talking Head & Wizard Board   Ghost & Wizard Board

Advanced Talking Head
Controlled by Wizard - I Board

  Ghost Mask Lighting and Motion
control by Wizard - I Board

 Wizard - I Board at Work ......... Click Images For Large Views

 Throbbing / Lighted Eye Ball Jar
Controlled by Wizard - I Board

  Advanced Talking Head , Moving Eyes, (L/R)
Moving Head (U/D-L/R) controlled by Wizard - I

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Questions & Answers on the Wizard - I Board
Question: Can the Wizard -1 board be operated from a Battery Power Supply?
Answer: Yes, the Wizard -1 board can be operated from a 5 Vdc battery, or a combination of R/C battery pack, and 9 Vdc battery. You will not get as much operating time from the battery as from the wall power supply, but for remote operation a battery will work. The amount of operation time will be based on the size of the battery and the configuration used to power the servos and Wizard Board. ( Hook-up and configuration drawing are included with the "Wizard Board".)

Can the Wizard -1 board operate the new higher power servos?
 Answer: Yes, the Wizard -1 board can operate the newer servos. You will need to power the servos from a different power supply (6- VDC) and connect the servo signal and the power supply operating the servos back to the Wizard - 1 Board. (See the pdf documents for more information on operating large servos from the Wizard- 1 board)
Connecting Large Power Servos  

I would like to operate the servo and digital output playback motion manually as people pass near a booth. Can I do this, and how could I start the manual playback?
Answer: The "Wizard -1 board " has a built in connector where a remote switch can be attached. The remote switch can be as simple as a toggle switch that is pressed manually to start the playback, a floor mat switch that someone might step on or a complex system such as a laser, or optical beam switch placed between a door way frame, that would activate the "Wizard playback program" when triggered.
Question: Can the "Wizard -1 board " operate my sound system and fog machine I use in my haunted house set?
Answer: Yes, the "Wizard -1 board " can operate those devices and others through the digital outputs. The digital outputs can be programmed to turn ON and OFF when needed. By using optional accessory boards available to add to the "Wizard" or with your own parts set-up, you can control 115 VAC devices, activate relays, turn on 5 Vdc LED effects, control the direction CW, CCW of a DC motor or even activate pneumatic valves to operate a cylinder connected to that skeleton prop. ( Hook-up and configuration drawing are included with the "Wizard - I Board" on how to use the digital outputs).
Question:: Do I need to purchase special servos to use with the "Wizard -1 board "?
Answer: No, you can use standard R/C servos found in most hobby shops or R/C centers. The "Wizard -1 board " servo outputs provide standard pulse coded signals of between 1 msec and 2 msec duration repeated every 20 msecs making it suitable for all standard hobby +5 Vdc R/C type servos found.
Question:  Will I need a joystick or other special device to operate the servos and do programing?
Answer: No, you won't need any other devices connected to the "Wizard -1 board " to control or program it. The "Wizard - I Board" has a potentiometer build onto the board that works like a joystick, in that it allows you to control the motion of a servo during recording, manual operation, and also sets the delay rate between automatic playback loops. The "Wizard - I Board" also has a set of built in key buttons that help you in programming, playback activation and selecting of servo and digital channels. All the parts needed to program, playback, and control the "Wizard - I Board" are built into the board.

If I spend a lot of time creating the perfect show program, how can I protect the recorded program from not being erased and what if I want to make other animatronic characters I have use the same program show recorded.?

The "Wizard -1" has several options that you can use to protect your recorded program.
There is a jumper block that can be moved or removed to prevent the EEPROM with the recorded program in memory from being erased accidentally. Using the Blue Point Engineering EEPROM copy service, or purchasing your own very low cost EEPROM burner from Blue Point Engineering, you can remove the programmed EEPROM and make copies of it to use with other "Wizard -1 board " connected to animatronic characters you have. The ease of programming, copying the EEPROM and placing a copy into another "Wizard - I Board" controlled animatronic character makes mass producing animatronic products and shows very easy to do.
Question:  If Power is turned OFF to the "Wizard -1 board " will my recorded program be lost?
Answer:   No, the program is stored in the EEPROM memory, ready to use, or until you erase it
Question:  How can I get the "Wizard -1 board " to start up automatically and play my recorded program.
Answer:   The "Wizard -1 board " has an optional auto feature switch that can be selected that will automatically start up and run the recorded program when power is first applied. By selecting the optional "Auto and Loop" switch combination settings you can get your program to start and loop automatically or start and wait for the trigger switch to be activated. This "Wizard - I Board" feature is especially handy if you have a room of animatronic characters running from several "Wizard - I Boards" and you need the ability to power on everything with a master switch and be ready to operate in a few seconds without having to go around an start up your animatronics or attached devices. This feature is also very handy when power is unexpectedly turned OFF and then back ON again.
Question: What comes with the "Wizard -1 board " when I purchase one? ......[
[ Purchase Wizard - I Board ]

The "Wizard -1 board " comes ready to use with all the components assembled onto the interface board, a detailed instruction guide, illustrated guide on hooking up the board to various digital outputs, schematics and ideas for accessory device control and technical support from the Blue Point Engineering team.

You will only need to purchase Servos (1-4) and a power supply (5 Vdc- 2 Amp) to get started immediately in controlling servos. These items can also be purchased from Blue Point Engineering if wanted and can be put together as a complete system ready to use. You can also purchase optional accessory boards to connect to the "Wizard -1 board " if you need a quick digital control set-up or don't want to do it yourself in connecting digital output devices together.

Later on you may want to purchase a few parts as listed in the user guides to do some advanced digital output control. The illustrated guide show you how to hook up the board to do some advanced device control methods as well as identifying parts needed.

Question:  How can I add recorded sound to the Wizard -1 board to make my character come alive?
( I would like to use digital voice and / or sound effects )


By combining the "Sound Boards" ( 120 Sound Module ) or ( Sound Board 60 ) with the "Wizard -1 board " and using the digital outputs, you can turn ON and OFF the sound card when needed. This combination allows you to create a character that has motion and recorded sounds.

You can also add your own CD player or sound system and using the digital outputs switch ON and OFF the CD player or sound system from the Wizard - I digital drivers.

Question:  I need to operate 8 Servos, but the "Wizard -1 board " has only 4 servo outputs. What can I do?

By combining,, stacking together two "Wizard -1 board " you can get the needed number of servo outputs. A single power source can be used to power both boards, as well as a single switch can also be used to trigger both boards simultaneously.

This method has several advantages in that you can place a board close to where the servos are needed, without having to run a lot of extension wires. (Example: One board in animatronic character head, operating eyes, mouth, other board placed in body to operate arms, neck motion, both synchronized and working together as needed.)
Question: I need to operate an Animatronic head, that has eye motions, expressions and I need a mouth movement that is directly synchronized to a voice track or live sound. I will need to operate 5 servos also, what can I do?

By using the"Wizard -1 board" and the "AutoTalker Board" together, you can get the effect you want and the number of servos needed. The "Wizard - I Board" can control the eyes and expression motions and the AutoTalker" connected to the mouth / jaw servo can be connected to a sound system or microphone giving motion directly synchronized to a voice track or live sound.
A single power source can be used to power both boards, as well as a single switch can also be used to trigger the "Wizard - I Board and sound system simultaneously.

 I hear that a new advanced "Wizard board is available. Where can I find information on the advanced "Wizard - II Board"


 We have several new "Family of Wizard Boards coming out. The Wizard - II board is now available, and our other unique Wizard Boards will be released from our R&D department very soon.

You can now find information on the Wizard - II board at:

Wizard - II Board Information
Wizard - II Board pdf file

Blue Point Engineering

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