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Animatronics Hands-on Workshop
5 Days of Learning and Activities

NOTE: New workshop currently under development

Over the past few months, we have had requests to offer an Animatronics workshop by many of our customers and others, so Blue Point Engineering along with Wizard Devices is considering offering a workshop in the very near future.

Would you be interested in learning about Animatronics?

Some of the information to be covered in the workshop:
Introduction to animatronics, past, current and future.
Principles of pneumatics, motor/solenoid controlling, lighting effects, servo modification, and mechanical design as applied to animatronic concepts. Motion and sound controller programming and hardware setup. Applications of good animatronic design, as well as other unique areas.

Students will also work hands on with a variety of different controllers including, servo, motor, pneumatic, sound effect boards and others control hardware and animatronic props.

Students will at the end of the workshop have an opportunity to take home several controllers they work with, as well as several animatronic props they built and animated as part of the workshop. Imagine taking home an animatronic head you built and can program with sound and motion, an LED effects controller or Pneumatic Valve Controller and other working props.

Some of the animatronic controllers and items you work with and take home include:
Wizard 4
Wizard 8
Wizard 11
Wizard 12 ...other controllers.
AutoTalk Controller

Puppet 1 Board
Sound Board 60E
4 Channel Sound Board with I/O

Talking Gabby Head
Talking Gabby - Mechanical Kit
Talking Gabby Motion Controller
Various Gag Studio Heads and Characters
servos, motors, construction material, electronic parts LED's, power supply.
And much, much more ...........

Workshop Cost $ 1995.00 includes 5 day workshop and take home controllers / hardware and props.

The dates and workshop location is still being finalized.
If you are interested, please fill out the
Survey Form and answer some of the Survey Questions below to let us know your needs, this will help us determine dates, locations and what you want from an animatronic workshop.
You have an opportunity to bring an Animatronics Workshop to your location!
Survey Questions

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Animatronic Book Offer



Some Workshop Questions?
Help us custom design an Animatronic Workshop for your needs
Please comment on the questions below in the
Survey Form comments.

What is the Best Month and Days for a Workshop?
What do you want to learn from the Workshop? Basic or Advanced?

How many days should the Animatronics Workshop be?
Would you like hands-on, Classroom type training or both?
Would you travel to different location for the workshop?
Would you travel to another state, and stay several days in that state?

What type of materials would you expect to get from the workshop?
Would you like to go away from the workshop with Animatronic equipment hat you had a chance to work with in the workshop?
Would you be willing to pay a small fee for Animatronic controllers to take with you after the workshop?
What areas should the workshop teach about?
How many people should attend the workshop, what size should the class be limited to?

What Dollar Amount would you spend on a workshop, that includes take home controllers and props?
What Dollar Amount would you spend on a workshop without taking home controllers and props?

Who do you want to teach the workshop what type of instructor would you expect?
Would you want to visit several Animatronic / Mask Making businesses?
Would you want to visit a Theme Park as part of the Workshop?
Would you need a hotel to stay at,?

If activities were offered before and after the workshop, would you arrive early or stay later after the workshop
( Tourist sites, state visitors sites )

Workshop Survey- 2014

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