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What Makes Blue Point Engineering LLC. Unique:

The business market today has become a very competitive place for companies to do business. What makes us unique beyond the other companies during this competitive market?

We are a specialized company that deals in providing unique products and custom items for the Animatronic, Robotic, Haunted Attractions and Technology Arts Industries. Our business concentrates only on these unique items for this specialized industry and as a company we have dedicated ourselves to making you our only priority.

We continually maintain a professional staff of technical experts to help answer any questions and directly assist you with your own projects when needed.

As a company we are constantly putting all our efforts and finances into doing unique research and development (R&D) toward new innovative products specific to the Animatronic, Robotic, Haunted Attractions and Technology Arts Industries. These efforts end up providing you with new options in hardware and innovative ideas to use for your current and future project needs.

( Example: Wizard I - III Controller Boards, Puppeteer Controllers, Switched Servo Controllers, Power Regulators, Pneumatic Controllers , Light Effect Products and various other unique one of a kind products and accessories not found in other places ).

R&D Projects - Up-coming and new products being developed.

We provide technical call back help with solutions to your project problems when needed.

We do not charge a technical help fee for any help or assistance; all our services are free, unlike some companies who have a tech support fee.

As a company we are constantly spending time looking for new global products to provide that are specific to this specialized industry of Animatronic Robotic, Haunted Attractions and Technology Arts Industry. These extensive searches often result in providing you with new ideas and products for your projects without you having to spend the time or expenses researching for products.

We provide quick repair turn around or direct replacement of items purchased under warranty within a very short time, all from a single location, preventing you from having to deal with several companies for warranty or repair work.

Our prices are up front, no hidden costs assessed, to cover company expenses, some times hidden by other companies in their operations.

We work with individuals on very small purchase needs; we have no minimum purchase amount required for US customers.

We work with individuals who have a need for large purchases in helping to get quantity pricing and price breaks with those large purchases when possible.

As a dedicated company we are constant involved in providing free information, technical and information specific to the Animatronic, Robotic, Haunted Attractions and Technology Arts Industry, through our free distributed written documentation, graphic multimedia and web sites.

We provide unique custom created detailed guides and instructions on many of our one of a kind products often not found with some companies. Or guides are written for the first time user as well as for the professional user who needs higher level information.

We provide a single point of purchase for a large variety of products, that otherwise you might have to research and purchase from several sources.
This single source point, also makes getting technical help easier, than calling a number of companies.

We have a variety of resources for technical information that we can provide beyond any situation that might arise that we can not handle.

We have available direct access to a large resource listing of professionals beyond those provided in-house, when the need arises.

We may seem to have some higher prices, but the reality is we too constantly battle vendors and suppliers also who sale to us sometimes at extreme pricing. We try very hard to keep our prices low especially for you as our clients so that you can get what you want for your projects.

We try to provide you with the best and newest products, and most importantly we try to provide a single point for unique products and technical help for your current and future projects at great savings.


Blue Point Engineering LLC. Staff

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